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The terms and conditions referred herein are related to all the items sold by tramadolgenericviagra.com, its associates, irrespective of the geographical locations where the sales occur.

The goods shall be covered by the taxes, fees and customs duties applicable to the country of sales i.e.) United States

Wherever import fees are involved tramadolgenericviagra.com shall engage appropriate carriers or clearing agents to assist the customers in collecting and clearing the goods after paying relevant customs duty and import fees wherever applicable. By placing orders, you are agreeing to pay the relevant duties and taxes. The carriers or agencies shall disclose the details as these are mandatory.

In the event the collected taxes and duties are lower than the actual, the difference will be reimbursed to you. For third-party beneficiaries for gifts etc. the same shall be applicable and payable by you. The actual incidence of taxes and duties shall be intimated to you in due course,

The terms and conditions apply to those customers enrolled or registered with us after submitting all relevant data. You will be charged with fees as applicable for the purchases which include credit card charges, currency exchange fluctuations etc.

The agreement between us and you can be terminated any time after clearing of dues of either side on a mutually agreed basis. You shall be solely responsible for the correctness of the data furnished by you. The insurance, sale taxes, income taxes, duties and fees shall be at your account. We shall endeavour to maintain confidentiality during the transaction.

This agreement is governed by Force Majeure clauses. This terms and conditions are liable to be modified from time to time, you are requested to note these changes as it is construed that you are aware of the latest terms and condition clauses.

You should not disclose your password to others to allow the fraudulent transaction. This terms and conditions shall be governed by the law of the land, federal law and constitution.

We reserve the right to stop all transactions if any illegal activity from your part is noticed. You are to declare any information to the law enforcing agencies whenever called for. It is construed that you comply with the latest terms and conditions.

Kindly note the salient points related to our terms and conditions.

  • The shipping, return of goods, privacy policy, warranty etc. kindly refers to respective sections.
  • Only registered currencies shall be entertained. We do not encourage racism, hatred or pornography.
  • We absolve of all the liabilities of any transaction between the Website’s Users.
  • Unless explicitly mentioned, we do not extend further guarantee or representations of the buyer.