Online Pharmacy

Online Pharmacy

With the advent of the internet, a new vista is open to buyers and sellers that is e-commerce. As the natural sequence, you can get anything to your doorstep without practically without your moving around. That convenience did penetrate to medicines as well.  Now that the growth of online pharmacies is astronomical, almost all generic and non-generic medication is available to customers all across the globe.

Convenience all the way

The purchase of medicines online is convenient, and at the same time, it is comparatively cheaper. However, the general question raised by the customers is on the legality as well as risks. Well, the online purchase of medicine is legal. Usually, you are asked to furnish the doctor’s prescription online along with the order. The fraudulent activities are thereby some sellers, but if you choose eth right and genuine online pharmacies, the risk can be minimised to a great extent. To put it plainly, there are unscrupulous elements in online pharmacies, just like in any other transaction.

Inevitable risks

The concerned authorities may not approve some of the drugs available online. Here comes the importance of the doctor’s prescription. This would discriminate bonfire sellers to those rogues. Hence your journey of shopping online for medicines starts with finding out a genuine online pharmacy.

An online pharmacy, internet pharmacy, or mail-order pharmacy is a pharmacy that operates over the internet and despatches the medicine to customers through mail/couriers. Some so-called online pharmacies are dumping expired or counterfeit medication on you at a ridiculously lower price


On the home delivery procedure, the packing is very critical. During shipment, the drugs are subjected to a higher temperature, humidity, light, etc., unless they are correctly packed. Another risk with the online pharmacy is that even children can order medicines online. Also, the purchaser’s confidentiality is practically lost while shopping online.

Government rules and regulations

Different countries have laid down standards and practice to be followed while dispensing online or offline. For example, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has stringent laws regarding the dispensing of medicines. Similarly, many countries have banned advertisement for medicines  innewspaper or internet. Even if there is no regulation on online pharmacies, the laws and schedules put forward by the government generally applies to this trade as well.


The pricing of the drugs may vary for those having medical insurance. Incidentally, the prices of medicines are not uniform throughout different countries. It may be cheaper to get some dose online from other countries. If it is for personal use, there is no restriction on this process, For example, price off most of the drugs in the USA if far higher than that of India even after adding up the freight. The saving could be as high as 50 to 80 percent in some cases. Incidentally, the drugs in demand on online pharmacies are contraceptives, Aphrodite, Erectile dysfunction treatment, psychic medicine, etc. 

Advantages of online pharmacies.

  • Convenient home delivery. You are saving on physical moving, petrol, diesel, etc.
  • Time-saving, you need not wait till the shop opens.
  • Comparatively cheaper in most cases.
  • You can schedule your refill conveniently

Disadvantages of online pharmacies

  • Unable to see the medicines physically before placing order
  • There are chances of fraudulent activities
  • There could be damage or deterioration during transportation/shipping.